Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Youtube Guru BeatFaceHoney Inspired Look!

This look was a recreation of Youtube Guru BeatFaceHoney's "Glittery Cut Crease" Makeup Tutorial. If you would like to know what products i used or step by step directions of how i achieved this look then please dont hesitate to leave a comment in the box below! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deep Blue Sea

Product List:
*Inglot Matte Blue Eyeshadow #332
*Metallic Blue Eyeshadow (Mine is from 1 of "Miss Rose" eyeshadow palettes)
*Milk Choco Eyeshadow
*Dark Brown Eyeshadow
*Mac Chromaline "Marine Ultra"
*Mac Chromaline "Hi Def Cyan"
*Mac BlackTrack Fluidline
*Nyc Kohl Liner
*Nyc Liquid Eyeliner
*Mac Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
**Lips: Mac's Fresh Brew Lipstick
 Now You Try!!

Step1- Prime your eyelids with your primer of choice.Then, apply Mac's "Marine Ultra" chromaline to your lid area using either your finger or a small synthetic concealer brush.Blend Evenly.
Step2- Apply Inglot's matte blue eyeshadow #332 to your lid using a flat eyeshadow brush.Blend outward and slightly above your crease.
Step3- Lightly wetting a flat eyeshadow brush,dip it into the metallic blue eyeshadow(if you dont have the same one as I do, you can use something similiar,Urban Decay has something sim.)Apply it over top of the matte blue eyeshadow and in your inner tear duct.Blend evenly.This will make it pop!
Step4- Using a tapered blending brush apply a matte dark brown eyeshadow in your crease and blend up and outward.
Step5- Using that same tapered blending brush apply a matte milk choco brown eyeshadow above the dark brown eyeshadow.This will get rid of the harsh lines and add to a smooth transition into the bold colors. Blend! Blend! Blend!
Step6- Taking a angled eyeliner brush apply BlackTrack Fluidline above your upper lashline,creating a "winged out" effect.Gradually build the wing thicker.(If this is too hard for you ,try looking at youtube videos on it,theres alot that can help! :) )
Step7- Using that same angled eyeliner brush ,apply BlackTrack Fluidline underneath your lower lashline connecting it with the winged liner you created.
Step8- Apply Nyc's Kohl liner to your water liner and all the way into your inner tear duct.
Step9- Taking another angled eyeliner brush ,apply mac's "High Def Cyan" chromaline underneath the BlackTrack Fluidline,following the outline of the "Winged out" black liner.
Step10- Apply your mascara!
Step11- Use a nude lipstick for your lips, i used Mac's "Fresh Brew" lipstick :)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I wanted to write this post because lately ive been feeling like sometimes the small steps i make towards my success in furthering my career as a MUA is not good enough. But, then a light bulb in my head went off and instantly i thought every step counts! Its apart of the process, apart of the journey.What would a journey be without those little steps? They add up to make your experience worthwhile. All in all IF YOU CANT APPRECIATE THE SMALL STEPS THAN YOU CANT APPRECIATE THE JOURNEY!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keke Palmer Inspired Makeup look!

A few people asked me to do a Keke Palmer inspired look so this is the one i chose. She pretty much sticks to natural looks which i love. She looks so youthful and full of energy!

This look was pretty simple. The products i used were Nyc's Black Kohl Liner, MAC's Carbon eyeshadow and a Matte Milk Choco Brown eyeshadow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


(First  i want to say ,these products were sent to me to do this review.The opinions are my own HONEST! opinions!I was sent 2 full size pigments and 4 sample sizes)


Swatches in Above picture(From Left to Right)

#1- Darkest Night Collection in "Will"- This is a "mossy" green colored pigment with hints of gold shimmer/reflects in it.
#2-Darkest Night Collection in "Hope"- This is a Blue pigment with silver reflects in it.Beautiful color!
#3-Everyone's A Hero Collection in "Bat Ass Ginger"- This is a orange coral pigment with gold reflects/shimmer.
#4-Brassy Bits Collection in "Mechanic"- This is a metallic dark bronze pigment mixed with a metallic dark army green pigment.(in my opinion)
#5-Everyones a Hero collection in "Goblin- This is a BEAUTIFUL!!!!! lavendar pigment with lime green reflects.My Favorite one!!
#6-Ooo Shiny Collection in "Poison Sting"-This is just a "Grape" colored fine loose glitter.

 Now that we've got the swatches out of the way HERES MY REVIEW!!!!!................ All of these pigments are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!. No im not just saying it because i recieved these products for free but because its the HONEST truth. They are very Pigmented ,when i say they are pigmented i mean they are pigmented to the point where when i was doing the swatches it kind of stained my fingers a little bit. Not only are they pigmented ,they are very smooth and easily blendable.Imagine how these are going to look when you put a base underneath.They are going to pop. Also the prices are very affordable, All Sample sizes are $1.00USD for 0.5 grams and the full sizes are $4.00USD for 2grams of product.The packaging is really simple with a hot pink circular label with the company name,name of pigment and ingredient list. The full sizes also come in sifter container while the samples come in a small zip lock bag. I do wish the samples came in a little sifter container too because it would be easier to get out ,with out getting it everywhere.I also wish the packaging was more attractive because i do believe packaging is what lures people in and catches the eye.  The owner Nicole was very nice and friendly .She answered all my emails within a few hours .Great Customer Service. She is up and coming and she has assurred that this product will only get better! CHECK HER OUT!!!! when you do feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think and tell her Leanna sent you!!  :)

Heres the link to anyone interested

Also i will be doing a look with these soon so be on the look out! O_o

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dont let the Setbacks Set you Back!!!

Sometimes in life we all get those curveballs/setbacks that take us by surprise.When it happens we want to sit and frown and think why me? i dont understand? can things ever go right? We all do it! But you have to turn that negative into a positive! Dont let those setbacks set you back!!! If we sit around too long constantly analyzing the negative impact it has on our lives, then we miss out on the positive impact it could have. Think of it as a growing experience. Say to yourself "If things constantly went my way ,how would i ever learn to appreciate when the good things happen." Meaning if things never went wrong how could we really appreciate when they were going good. It teaches you not to always take things for granted. Learn from these setbacks. They make you stronger and wiser.It could lead you to a better place,take you to a positive outcome far beyond your imagination.Everything happens for a reason,im a firm believer.Sure when bad things happen we are going to be down a little bit,but pick yourself right back up! dont let it consume your entire being!DONT LET THE SET BACKS SET YOU BACK!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Maybeline Fit Me Foundation

Ok !! so alot of the time i always get questions about what kind of foundation i use.They'll always say "Wow! your foundation is flawless,what is it that you use? is it MAC?" Its soo comical to me because i always respond "No you'll be surprised,its not MAC,actually its a drug store brand by maybeline." So ill tell them the name of the foundation and automatically they'll want to go and grab it.............Let me just say I LOVE IT!!! and here's the reason why....It doesnt feel like you have on makeup.With some foundations you can feel the heaviness of it.But Maybeline's Fit Me foundation is light.It does'nt have that "cakey" feeling to it which is a downfall in most foundations. This foundation is a light to medium coverage ,but! it can be buildable if decided.Its not too "liquid-idy",its kind of a thicker liquid but when you apply it ,its so smooth and light.VERY BLENDABLE! In my opinion its true to skin tone so you wont  have a problem matching.It takes well when applying a light powder over top to also help with the coverage.Like i said it does not look "cakey".
So if you want something light that looks really well ,try this! When applying i would suggest using a stipling brush for a airbrush like finish or what i use ,which is Sigma's HD Flat Kabuki brush which gives off the perfect,flawless finish!
IF you tried this tell me how you like! comment below! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rihanna"Whose that Chick" Inspired Makeup

(This look was inspired by Rihanna's Music Video "Whose That Chick", If you would like for me to explain in detail how i recreated the look comment below.)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dont Let Someone Tell You That You CANT!!!

Alot of times when we find our passion or a hobby that we really love to do ,and we want to expand it into making it a career, we get those nay-sayers.Those people who tell us we cant do it,or even people who will try to dissuade you from pursuing it.Dont let it discourage you!!! I decided to write this post because lately ive been getting some negative opinions about things that i have inquired about. There truely is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain ole negative criticism.I would suggest everyone to know the difference!If in your gut you feel like someone isnt being genuine and looking out for your best interest than 9 times out of 10 they probably arent.Watch out for those people who do and say things for their own selfish gain.And most importantly DO NOT be afraid to walk alone. Walking alone isnt always a bad thing,it can be a good thing too.If all you recieve is negativity from those you "Walk " with than what good is it to you to continuing walking with them? just for the company?You can do what ever it is you want to do with or without people by your side.(provided that you are not harming anyone). So at the end of the day AS LONG AS YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT ,YOU CAN !!! :)

Cranberry Brown Sugar (Holiday Inspired)


 **This look is a holiday inspired look i decided to do for the upcoming holidays,hope you like it!!!

Products Used

*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*MUFE's Crimson n64(cranberry) Eyeshadow
*Matte Milk Choco Brown Eyeshadow
*Mac's Mythology Eyeshadow
*Mac's Ricepaper Eyeshadow
*Matte Dark Brown Eyeshadow
*Mac's Blacktrack Fluidline
* Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash
*Mac's Deeply Adored Lipstick
*Nyx's Long lip pencil in Prune

The Steps!

Step1- Apply the pure white chromaline all over your lid and blend evenly using your fingers.
Step2- Using a flat eyeshadow brush,apply any matte chocolate brown all over your lid,try not to go into your crease(if you do a little that is ok)
Step3-Using that same flat eyeshadow brush ,apply mythology eyeshadow directly on top of the matte chocolate brown eyeshadow.(This will give you that brown sugar effect)
Step4- Apply crimson or any matte cranberry eyeshadow into your crease.Slowly build up the color while blending evenly.Add more of the cranberry ,focusing on that "Outer V'' of your eye.
Step5-Using a tapered blending brush ,apply a matte dark brown to the "outer v" of your eye.(This is to darken the cranberry eyeshadow and give it that holiday effect)
Step6-Taking a fluffy blending brush ,apply ricepaper eyeshadow to your brow bone and blend down into the cranberry mixture.Also apply some of that rice paper in the inner tear duct of your eyes.
Step7-Using a smudge brush apply from inner tear duct to outer eye, ricepaper,cranberry,and dark brown eyeshadow on your lower lashline(in that order)blend together.
Step8-Using a angled eyeliner brush ,line the top of your lashline with mac's blacktrack fluidline as well as your lower waterline.
Step9-Curl your lashes with a eyelash curler and apply Haute&naughty lash mascara


Step1-Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized lightly.(This is so that there is no dry skin coming in contact with the lipstick,and there is a smooth finish)
Step2-Line and fill in your lips with Nyx's prune lip pencil.(You can use a deep purple lip pencil if you dont have Nyx's)
Step3-Apply Mac's Deeply Adored lipstick to your lips,blending it with the lip pencil by pressing your lips together in an inward/outward motion.(you can use any deep red lipstick)
Step4- Blot your lips using a paper towel
Step5- Clean up the outter edges of your lips if there is any mess using a concealer of your choice or simply using a wet wipe.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

As you can see i used quite a bit of this product . Ive been using this product for a few years now and i ABSOLUTELY love it! Some people are just now finding out about it (namely Youtube Gurus)But there still are alot of people who really dont know about this product. Now firstly before i get into the juicy details, i want to say Ben Nye has a whole line of finishing powders but this one is the most popular one!
My Review?........ I can not RAVE! enough about this product. There is a good amount of uses that this has.
*I use this to put underneath my eyes to catch fallout from eyeshadows.
*I also use this to give me a subtle highlight underneath my eyes. It just brightens your eyes alot,really gives you that "Im Alive!" look.
*The texture is very silky and smooth.
*Lasts a pretty long time 
*It has a yellow color but i found that everyone can use it!depending on how much you put on. Like i said before, Ben Nye has a whole line of finishing powders with different skin tone colors to choose from. 
*The "Banana Powder" has a Matte finish ,good for eliminating shine in those oily areas.
*Comes in three different sizes 1.5oz,3oz,8oz
*Prices range from $5.99USD and up(Depending on the siz)
*Different places sell it, Theatrical shops,amazon,ebay,Makeupmania,Camera Ready Cosmetics.etc      
If interested check out this site!This is where i purchased mine

Friday, November 2, 2012

Determination is Key!

You can not succeed in any dream you have unless you have DETERMINATION! It truely is a key ingredient, without it things will fall apart. Dont be afraid to be determined. Sometimes i have my days where i dont want to press my blog on other people because i feel like im repeating myself over and over and im not getting the response i want from people, Or even continuing doing makeup but i think to myself if doing it is my passion then my passion wont let me stop being determined. They go hand and hand with eachother. You may not get the response you want when you want it, you may experience some set backs as you continue your journey to success but stay DETERMINED! Trust me it will all pay off in the end and youll look back and feel a sense of fulfillment because you came a long way and worked hard to get to where you are. Your appreciation will be greater. Even now , although you may not be where you want just yet, take a step back and look at your journey. Its an improvement right! And it will continue. Dont lose your determination . Keep pursuing your dream , its worth it!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marilyn Monroe MAC Lipstick Collection

(From Left to Right: Pure Zen,Love Goddess,Scarlet Ibis,Charmed Im Sure,Deeply Adored)
Price:$16.50ea USD (Pro Discount Avail.)
**Before i get into showing the colors on myself,i want to say these colors may or may not show up the same color on you as it did on me depending on your skin tone.**
(Top: Pure Zen ,Botton: Love Goddess)
Pure Zen- Is a nude lipstick,not too light and not too dark,its in between so it will compliment all skin tones. The texture is very smooth and creamy as it is a Cremesheen.It is definetly the most moisturizing out of the bunch.
Love Goddess- Is a red lipstick with a pink tint.Very wearable in the day or at night.This has a satin finish ,so it has a hint of sheen to it.Eventhough this is a satin finish it also is moisturizing, and quite smooth .You may need to re-apply after a couple of hours ,but its still worth getting.I must say out of the collection this is my FAVORITE! one.
(Top: Scarlet Ibis,Middle:Charmed Im Sure, Bottom:Deeply Adored)
Scarlet Ibis- This was my least favorite of the collection.It is matte red with a orange undertone. The pigment is great on this but it is slightly drying on the lip and maybe thats because it is a matte finish.I would recomend adding a moisturizer to your lip before applying.
Charmed Im Sure- This color has a matte finish but eventhough it is a matte, it is moisturizing,not as moisturizing as a cremesheen but nonetheless its moisturizing enough.Its a deep red. Suitable on all skin tones,Especially on women of color.This is a perfect red for you all. Not too bright and not too dark.
Deeply Adored- My Second favorite one of the collection. This color is ABSOLUTELY! gorgeous.It kind of looks the same as the one above it but you can still tell the difference, this one is darker.It is a matte finish ,but like the one above it,it still is moisturizing enough. This definetly looks great on all skin tones. A wonderful fall color to say the least.
**If interested in these,unfortunately they are sold out on the MAC website,but you can check on ebay or amazon. Two of them i heard were apart of MAC's permanent line but im not sure which ones. I think Pure Zen was one of them and the other im not sure.**

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation Palette

(Neutral Palette)
This is the Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation Palette. Just like my previous post on their creme foundation palette, if you are a professional makeup artist looking for a compact powder foundation palette then this could be for you. I love this palette because it blends very well,you can use these alone or on top of creme,or liquid foundation to set it. These are a light-medium coverage. Honestly if you want a full coverage this may not be for you because you really cant build the coverage up past medium coverage. But that in my opinion really doesnt break the palette because the qualities of it are good. In addition to the good qualities i listed above,the powders are smooth in texture and in my opinion one of the cool things about this palette is that it corrects any foundation color that is off on a client.So if you placed a creme or liquid foundation on a client and the color might be a tad off you can use these powders to correct it! I Love that!!! There are 3 palettes total and they are Neutral,Cool,and Warm. I chose to get the Neutral because it has a mixture of both cool and warm tones and with these colors its easier to correct foundation that may be off .If you happen to run out of a specific color they do sell the refill pans for each one.
**Price anywhere from $75.00USD-$85.00USD (depending on where you get if from)
**I purchased mine from for $83.50USD
*****If you have any questions regarding this post feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via the "Contact" tab of this blog*****

Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme Super Palette

(Right: Warm Palette,Left:Neutral Palette)
If you are a Profess. MUA such as myself and are looking for a compact foundation palette. You will not be disappointed with this. When i first started pursuing my makeup artistry i didnt have alot of money to go out and buy all the possible shades of foundation to match everyones skin tone. I did alot of research on google and even youtube .This is what i came across along with Ben Nye's creme foundation palette(which was my first foundation palette). Graftobian ,hands down has one of the absolute best foundation palettes ever! Smooth,Creamy,Very blendable,and True to skin tone. Even if you need to custom blend a foundation,you can do it with these.It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Eventhough the squares are quite small (the squares are about the size of a quarter)  A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!  I can not stress that enough. There are 3 foundation palettes total which are Cool,Neutral ,and Warm. I have the warm and neutral one, as seen above. When and if you happen to run out of a specific shade you can purchase it in a full size.Which is wonderful. These are also HD so when taking pictures and filming ,these will really show up flawlessly. The coverage of these shades are from my opinion , medium-full coverage depending on how you apply it. The good thing is you have the ability to sheer them out if need be.

Many of you may ask "Which palette is best to start out with?" Honestly to answer that question i started out with the "Warm" palette. I had no problems with matching skin tones because i was able to customize the colors i needed even though the warm palette is for yellow/red undertones.
I'll say if your skeptical about that go with the "Neutral" palette because it has a mixture of both cool and warm tones.

**Prices range from $65.00 USD - $75.00 USD
** You can purchase at

***** If you shall have anymore questions regarding this post ,feel free to comment below or contact me via the links in the Contact tab of my blog*****

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lets go to the CLUB!!!


Products Needed:
*MAC's Pure White Chromaline
*MAC's "Club" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Trax" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Breath Of Plum" Blush
*MAC's "Vanilla" Eyeshadow
*Any matte "Milk choco Brown" Eyeshadow
*MAC's Black Track Fluidline
*MAC's "Carbon" Eyeshadow
*NYC's black liquid liner
*NYC's black kohl pencil
*MAC's Haute&Naughty Lash
*False Eyelashes
Step1-Apply MAC's Pure white chromaline to your entire eyelid and blend evenly using your fingers.
Step2- Using a tapered blending brush apply MAC's "Club" eyeshadow in and slightly above your crease.Do Not Blend!
Step3- Using a eyeshadow brush apply any matte "milk chocolate brown" eyeshadow  to your lid,blend it in to the "club" eyeshadow.
Step4- Taking another clean tapered blending brush  apply MAC's "Breath of Plum" Blush above the "Club" eyeshadow and blend downward to diminish any harsh lines.If any "Club" eyeshadow was lost ,please go back in and add more.
Step5- Taking a fluffy blending brush, apply MAC's "Vanilla" eyeshadow to your brow bone and blend into the "Breath of Plum" blush.
Step6- Also apply MAC's "Vanilla" eyeshadow using a pencil brush to your inner tear duct and blend inward towards the brow eyeshadow.
Step7- Using that same pencil brush, apply MAC's "Trax" eyeshadow on top of the "Vanilla" eyeshadow in your inner tear duct.
Step8-Apply MAC's "Carbon" eyeshadow to the "outer v" of your eye using a blending brush.(Just enough to smoke out and add some definition to your eye.)
Step9- Apply "milk choco","Club",and "Carbon" Eyeshadows to your lower lashline in the specific order (Milk choco,club,carbon,from left to right) using a smudge brush.
Step10- Apply "Black Track "fluidline to your upper lashline .
Step11- Apply False eyelashes and one eyelashes dry,apply Nyc's Liquid liner on upper lash line.
Step12-Apply Mascara to your lashes and Black eyeliner pencil to your lower waterline.
***** To get the lippys i used Nyx's long lip pencil in "Current" and Mac's lipsticks in "Snob" and "Pure Zen"
Now Lets go to the Club!! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just Do It!!!!

Many of us hold back on doing the things we love because we feel thats its not important enough or maybe its because we feel like society wont accept it, mainly our peers and our family members. If you love knitting sweaters do it! If you love sewing up old fabric and making it into a brand new piece of clothing , do it!! If you like making your own music , do it!!! Whatever it is that makes you feel happy inside , whatever it is that encourages you and doesnt effect anyone or yourself in a negative way then Do It!!! Dont let no one stop you! Most importantly dont let "you" stop you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15Pcs Wild Purple Makeup Brush Set!

**I was going to show a picture of each brush and review them but for some reason the pictures werent aligning the way i wanted them to.**
***Sidenote-These brushes did not come with specific names,i named them based off of experience along with my opinion***
 The Brushes!!!!!!!!
*Powder Brush- This brush is very very soft ,you can definetly use this for powder all over the face. This brush does not shed at all.
*Highlighter Brush- This brush is soft as well and is similar to the powder brush but just smaller in size.Good for highlighting under the eye or even applying blush.
*Angled Contour Brush- Soft, wonderful for contouring and scultping .You can also use this to apply blush.
*Large Angled Flat Blending Brush- Yes i know its a long name, lol. But, its the only way i can describe it.This is very good for blending in your crease and getting rid of harsh lines.
*Small Tapered Blending brush- I must say this brush is wonderful for precision! you can definetly get into precise areas of your eye, like the inner tear duct ,or your crease.
*3 Eyeshadow brushes- This set has three eyeshadow brushes(in my opinion,depends on how you look at it).One is slightly larger than the other two,and the other two are smaller and very simmilar in size.Nonethless, they are good brushes to apply eyeshadow with.
*Lip Brush- Im not a big fan of using lip brushes just because i always use disposable ones on my clients,but for anyone who likes these ,this is a good one. Its not too small and its definetly stiff enough to apply lip color ,giving you better control.
*Angled Eyeliner Brush- This is the typical angled eyeliner brush,i love these because you can apply gel liners with them.Good quality too!
*Thin Angled Eyeliner Brush- This brush i would say is simmilar to your lip brush, but much thinner  and angled.This would be used by those who are more skilled with applying eyeliner.Its not too flimsy and not too stiff.
*Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator- Im sorry but this is one of the pointless brushes in this set!! there is absolutely no need for it. I dont know who uses these.
*Fan Brush- I was soo happy to get one of these! I dont own one so to see that it came with this set,i was thrilled! Its very soft!i must say when i recieved it ,some of the hairs were flying but its not too bad,you can just cut that off with scissors. Good for sweeping off fallout from glitter and eyeshadow.
*Spoolie- Wonderful to have in this set! i always use these to groom and shape the eyebrow! lasts a long time.
*Double Sided Eyebrow Groomer- Also good for grooming the eyebrows! always good to have one.
**Good For Beginners!
**Some of the brushes did shed some but all were of good quality!
**I paid $18.00 USD for mine but every couple of days/weeks Bh Cosmetics has sales!!!!

Simply Neutral

OK! This is something for all my gals who love the neutral /natural looks,this is a perfect daytime look! Keep Scrolling to Get the look!!!

Products Needed:

*MAC's Pure White Chromaline
*MAC's "Vanilla" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Ricepaper" Eyeshadow
*Any "Light Brown" Eyeshadow
*MAC's BlackTrack Fluidline
*MAC's "Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash" Mascara
*MAC's Lustre Lipstick in "Plink"


Step1- Apply Mac's "pure white" chromaline to your whole entire lid using your fingers. Blend evenly.
Step2- Taking a pencil brush apply Mac's "ricepaper" eyeshadow to your inner tear duct. This will brighten and waken up your eyes.
Step3- Still using Mac's "ricepaper" eyeshadow ,take a fluffy blending brush and apply it to your brow bone. Blend downward.
Step4- Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply mac's "vanilla" eyeshadow to your lid and blend upwards into your crease.
Step5- Using a tapered blending brush take any "light brown" eyeshadow and apply it to the "outer v" of your eye. Blend it into your crease,as well as a little above your crease meeting it with the "ricepaper" eyeshadow.
Step6- Apply Mac's "Blacktrack Fluidline" to your upper lashline creating a winged effect as you move towards the outer part of your eye. Do the same to your waterline as well. (if you are having trouble with the winged effect eyeliner heres a video showing your how to do it
Step7- Apply Mac's "Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash" mascara to your upper and lower lash.
Step8- Apply mac's "plink" lipstick to your lips!

ALLL DONE!!!!!! i bet it looks amazing! :)






MUA's That Feel Discouraged

Recently i posted a post on beautylish about feeling discouraged. First of all, for those who dont know what beautylish is , it is a site that is for anyone who is a makeup artist or anyone who is into beauty. You can post your pictures,and ask questions and review products. Anyways......... as i was saying i posted a post relating to the topic of feeling discouraged about continuing on the journey of a Makeup Artist. I myself was going through some self doubt about continuing my career. It just seemed like alot of people are breaking into the industry and i couldnt help but feel the competition that may soon arise.
  In posting this topic i recieved alot of positive feedback from young ladies who either felt the same way or just encouraging words from them. I want to pass that on to you all who may be feeling like this as well. We are all different,and we all have something different to bring to the table in this industry. Just being an individual is more than enough because thats what makes us who we are ,it draws different kinds of people to us. You should think of why you wanted to start this journey. If you truely have a passion for it and you cant think of your life without doing makeup than that is all you need to make yourself successful! Your passion and your love for makeup/beauty is honestly all you need. Forget about the "competition" Continue making people feel beautiful the best way you know, and most importantly have fun and dont be afraid to learn from eachother.Support eachother. We are all a team!

***For anyone interested in beautylish ,here you go! and stop by and check me out as well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Products Needed:
*MAC's Pure White Chromaline
*MAC's Tilt Eyeshadow
*MAC's Ricepaper Eyeshadow
*BhcM06 Purple Eyeshadow or any grape color purple
*MAC's Black Track Fluidline
*MAC's Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara
*Eyelash Falsies and Eyelash Glue


Step1- To start off this look you would want to take your pure white chromaline and spread it over your whole entire lid. Blend evenly.(This will serve as a base to make your eyeshadows last and pop more)
Step2- Using a small tapered blending brush apply any grape purple eyeshadow to the "outer v" of your eye, blend into your crease and outward to create almost a wing effect .
Step3- Using a flat eyeshadow brush ,take Mac's "tilt" eyeshadow and apply it to your lid ,joining and blending it with the grape purple eyeshadow.
Step4-  If any of the grape purple eyeshadow was lost ,you should go back in and reapply as needed.
Step5-  Using a pencil brush apply Mac's "ricepaper" eyeshadow to your inner tear duct and blend into the tilt eyeshadow.
Step6- Taking that same eyeshadow (ricepaper) use a fluffy blending brush and apply the eyeshadow just underneath your brow where your brow bone is and blend downward in to the purple. Blend evenly.
Step7- Repeat the eyeshadows underneath your bottom lash line using a smudge brush.
Step8- Apply Your eyelash Falsies and Mascara
Step9- Apply Black track fluidline using an angled brush to your upper lash line and bottom waterline.

ALLL DONE!!!! :)

*** If any one wants to know what i have on my lips it is MAC's Sheen Supreme Lipstick in "Asian Flower" mixed with MAC's Amplified Lipstick in "UP The Amp" and for a glossy look i added MAC's Cremesheen Glass in " Japanese Spring"

MAC's Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash Mascara

I ABSOLUTELY! cannot rave enough about this product! This a two in one mascara. As you can see in the picture the first brush is thick,which will give off a very dramatic and full lash look. While the second lash wand ,which is slim and less thick will give you a natural look. I use this mascara in all my "GET THE LOOK" step by step posts. I have nothing negative to say about this product . Its a little bit on the pricey side some would say. Its $20.00 USD. If you are a pro member like myself you can get this product for $12.00 USD. No matter the price this product is well worth it!

MAC's Pure White Chromaline

MAC's Pure White Chromaline is absolutely a must in your makeup kit.This creamy product has a variety of uses. You can use it as eyeliner,a eyeshadow base or to create art on your face or body. I personally use this as an eyeshadow base mainly and it works wonders! The eyeshadows you place over top of them are instantly more pigmented and brought to life!. I encourage everyone to try this ,you will not be disappointed!! :)
*A Little goes a long way!
*Creamy and smooth
* $18.50 USD
****This is only MY opinion.Opinions may differ from person to person.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Products Needed:
*MAC's "Pure White" Chromaline
*MUFE's "Matte Yellow" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Ricepaper" Eyeshadow
*MAC's Vanilla Eyeshadow
*Any Matte Dark Brown Eyeshadow(Coastal Scents Neutral Palette)
*Any Matte Milk Chocolate Brown Eyeshadow(Coastal Scents Neutral Palette)
*Rimmel London Liquid Eyeliner
*MAC's "Haute&Naughty Lash" Mascara
*MAC's Cremesheen Glass in "Boy Bait"
*Black Pencil Eyeliner

Lets Get Started!

Step1- Apply mac's pure white chromaline to your lid up until beneath your brow bone and blend out with your fingers.
Step2- Taking a pencil brush apply Mac's ricepaper eyeshadow to your inner tear duct ,then with a fluffy blending brush apply it also to your brow bone blending it downwards.
Step3- Taking an eyeshadow brush pack on Mufe's Matte Yellow eyeshadow to your lid, BUT DO NOT take it into the crease,
Step4- Taking a tapered blending brush that is dense apply any dark brown eyeshadow in the "outer v" of your eye ,taking it in and just above your crease, then blend.
Step 5- Taking a fluffy blending brush apply any milk chocolate brown eyeshadow just above your crease and meet it with the dark brown,blending the harsh line of the dark brown.
Step6- Go back and deepen/add any color that was lost during the application.
Step7- Apply Rimmel London's liquid eyeliner to upper lashline
Step8- Apply a black pencil liner to your waterline.
Step9- Apply mac's Haute&Naughty Lash mascara
Step10- Apply mac's Cremesheen Glass in "Boy Bait"

Thursday, October 18, 2012



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Products Needed!!!

*MUFE's Yellow Gold Eyeshadow
*Mac's Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
*Any Matte Milk Choco Brown Eyeshadow
*Nyc's Kohl Eyeline in Black Black
*Mac's Black Track Fluidline
*Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash
*Avon's Glazewear Lipgloss in Intense Plum

Lets Get Started!!! :)

Step1- Using a small tapered blending brush dab it into any Matte Milk Choco Brown eyeshadow, starting at the "outer v" of your eye work the eyeshadow in your crease and slightly above .Blend well.
Step2-Using a regular size eyeshadow brush ,apply MUFE's Yellow Gold Eyeshadow to your lid blending it with the Matte Milk Choco Brown eyeshadow.
Step3- (optional) If you lose any of the matte Choco Brown color as you were applying the Yellow Gold eyeshadow you can go back and reapply the brown.
Step4- Using another eyeshadow brush apply Mac's Naked Lunch eyeshadow to your browbone blending down into the Matte Milk Choco Brown,also apply it to your inner tear duct and just beneath your lower lashline.
Step5- Using an angled eyeliner brush apply Mac's Black Track Fluidline above your upper lash line but keeping close to the lashline.
Step6- Apply Nyc's Kohl eyeliner to your water line
Step7- Apply Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
Step8- Apply Avon's Glazewear Lipgloss in Intense Plum.

Alll Done!!!!! Your Beautiful!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MAC's New Empty Palette

OKK!!! so initially when i was in MAC making my palette i was very excited at the new look. Not to say that im not any more, but while there were things i liked ,there also were are a couple of things i didnt like. Pros: (Not Many)  * Way more sturdy than older palette.
*SEE THROUGH!! This was the main thing i was excited about!
*The Lid is magnetic!

Cons:(More Than Pros)

*Not Slim! (as you see in the first picture ) it seems to take up more room than the older palette.
*No Longer Magnetic as far as placing the eyeshadows in it.
*Have to pay seperately for the palette insert, the tray where you place the eyeshadows in.
*Total cost of both the insert($9.00 USD) and empty palette($18.00 USD) is $27.00 USD
(not including tax)

SIDENOTE*** I do believe they still sell the older palette ,as i still see it on the site and it is listed as sold out! So im not sure if they will discontinue or not! KEEP IN MIND! this is only my opinion, as everyone elses and yours may differ!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Products Used:/What you'll need

*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's Eyeshadow in Carbon
*Any Matte Milk Chocolate brown Eyeshadow
*Any Eyeshadow in A Taupe Color (forgot which one i used)
*Mac's Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
*Mac's BlackTrack Fluidline
*Mac's Haute& Naughty Lash Mascara

*Any False Eyelashes w/eyelash glue

Lets Get Started:

Step 1- Apply Mac's pure white chromaline evenly over lid up to brow bone and blend, using your fingers.
Step 2 - Using a small tapered blending brush apply Mac's Carbon eyeshadow to the "outer V" of your eye,blend up into crease and a little over crease. (NOT TOO MUCH)
Step 3 - Take another small tapered blending brush(you can use the same one in Step 2) and place any matte milk chocolate brown above the carbon eyeshadow to blend out the harsh line of the carbon black.
Step 4- Using a Flat eyeshadow brush pack the taupe eyeshadow on your lid blending it with the carbon eyeshadow.
Step 5- Take a small Fluffy brush (less dense blending brush) and apply the same taupe eyeshadow to your brow bone and blend down wards into the brown.
Step 6 - Taking a small pencil brush dab it into Mac's Ricepaper eyeshadow and apply it to your inner tear duct as well as below your bottom lashline keeping close to your tear duct.Also apply some of the ricepaper eyeshadow to your outer brow bone for added definition and slight shimmer.
Step 7 - Using a angled eyeliner brush line your upper lid (keeping close to your lashline) and lower waterline with Mac's Black Track Fluidline.
Step 8 - Apply false Lashes and use Mac's Haute & Naughty lash mascara to blend your real lashes with the falsies!

Viola!!!!! Alll Done!


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