Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MAC's New Empty Palette

OKK!!! so initially when i was in MAC making my palette i was very excited at the new look. Not to say that im not any more, but while there were things i liked ,there also were are a couple of things i didnt like. Pros: (Not Many)  * Way more sturdy than older palette.
*SEE THROUGH!! This was the main thing i was excited about!
*The Lid is magnetic!

Cons:(More Than Pros)

*Not Slim! (as you see in the first picture ) it seems to take up more room than the older palette.
*No Longer Magnetic as far as placing the eyeshadows in it.
*Have to pay seperately for the palette insert, the tray where you place the eyeshadows in.
*Total cost of both the insert($9.00 USD) and empty palette($18.00 USD) is $27.00 USD
(not including tax)

SIDENOTE*** I do believe they still sell the older palette ,as i still see it on the site and it is listed as sold out! So im not sure if they will discontinue or not! KEEP IN MIND! this is only my opinion, as everyone elses and yours may differ!


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