Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme Super Palette

(Right: Warm Palette,Left:Neutral Palette)
If you are a Profess. MUA such as myself and are looking for a compact foundation palette. You will not be disappointed with this. When i first started pursuing my makeup artistry i didnt have alot of money to go out and buy all the possible shades of foundation to match everyones skin tone. I did alot of research on google and even youtube .This is what i came across along with Ben Nye's creme foundation palette(which was my first foundation palette). Graftobian ,hands down has one of the absolute best foundation palettes ever! Smooth,Creamy,Very blendable,and True to skin tone. Even if you need to custom blend a foundation,you can do it with these.It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Eventhough the squares are quite small (the squares are about the size of a quarter)  A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!  I can not stress that enough. There are 3 foundation palettes total which are Cool,Neutral ,and Warm. I have the warm and neutral one, as seen above. When and if you happen to run out of a specific shade you can purchase it in a full size.Which is wonderful. These are also HD so when taking pictures and filming ,these will really show up flawlessly. The coverage of these shades are from my opinion , medium-full coverage depending on how you apply it. The good thing is you have the ability to sheer them out if need be.

Many of you may ask "Which palette is best to start out with?" Honestly to answer that question i started out with the "Warm" palette. I had no problems with matching skin tones because i was able to customize the colors i needed even though the warm palette is for yellow/red undertones.
I'll say if your skeptical about that go with the "Neutral" palette because it has a mixture of both cool and warm tones.

**Prices range from $65.00 USD - $75.00 USD
** You can purchase at

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  1. When I saw this I was SO disappointed that I got the Bobbi Brown BBU palette instead! I wish I'd seen this sooner... it seems like a much better deal!


    1. i agree! it just so happened that this palette was one of the first ones i seen when i researched foundation palettes.Right after i seen this one i then came across the Bobbi Brown BBU palette.I wanted it but then i saw the price and was like forget it! I love graftobian products because they are sooooo creamy and blendable. I hope you'll one day try it out :)