Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Video Inspired Look

Products Used
*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's Vanilla Eyeshadow
*Mac's Carbon Eyeshadow
*Mac's Ricepaper Eyeshadow
*MUFE's Terracotta Eyeshadow
*Any matte beige Eyeshadow/Flesh Tone
*Ebay Lashes #1028
*Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
*Wet N Wild Black Cream Eyeliner
You Try! 
Step1- Using your finger or a synthetic concealer brush apply Mac's "Pure White" chromaline all over the lid and blend.This will serve as a base for your eyeshadows and make them pop!
Step2- Taking a Fluffy blending brush apply MUFE's "Terracotta" eyeshadow in and above your crease,blending upward and out.Repeat until you achieve the desired color pay off.
Step3- Taking a flat eyeshadow brush pack Mac's "Vanilla" eyeshadow just on your lid.Try not to go in or above your crease.
Step4- Using a tapered pencil brush apply Mac's "Carbon" eyeshadow to your outer v and blend slightly inward.Make sure to apply most of the eyeshadow on the outer v to deepen and give definition to the overall look.
Step5- Taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply any flesh tone/beige eyeshadow underneath your brow bone and blend downward into the "Terracotta" eyeshadow.
Step6-Taking a clean pencil brush apply Mac's "Ricepaper" to your inner tear duct.Blend slightly inward.
Step7- Taking a smudge brush apply the same eyeshadows in order underneath your lower lashline.
Step8- If there was any eyeshadow color lost during the overall look ,you should go back in and replace any colors that was lost.
Step9- Apply any false eyelashes of your choice. I chose a more dramatic falsie.
Step10- Using a eyeliner brush apply Wet N wild's Black cream eyeliner above your upper lashline to hide the false eyelash band.Also, apply the liner to your waterline.
Step 11- Apply Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
**Optional** Lips- Mac's "Show Orchid" Lipstick
All Done!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take Time For You

I wanted to just write a post about taking time to yourself. Sometimes we look at taking time for ourselves as a negative thing,especially when you are a person who loves to help others and spend so much time dedicating your time to someone else. I believe that it crucial to spend time alone. Its not a bad thing to get away and just think. Its not selfish so dont feel guilty. You need time alone for your own sanity and to clear your mind without the influences of others. When you spend time alone you get a chance to reflect on things you want to change or just doing the things that simply make YOU happy. I encourage everyone to get your "Me Time" and dont feel ashamed or selfish to do so!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Kim K Inspired look!

Products Used:
*Urban Decay Naked2 Palette Eyeshadows (Pistol,Verve,Busted,Blackout)
*Any Black Mascara
*Nyc Liquid Liner
*Nyc Kohl Liner
*False Eyelashes **Optional**
Get The Look
Step1- Using a fluffy crease brush apply "Busted" to your crease and blend outward.
Step2- Taking a flat eyeshadow brush that is dampened with a little water,apply "Pistol"eyeshadow on your lid,blend slightly upward into the "Busted" eyeshadow .Try not to over blend.
Step3-In the outer "V" of your eye,apply "Blackout"eyeshadow using a pencil brush,Blend slightly into the "Busted" eyeshadow.
Step4- Taking a clean pencil brush apply "Verve" eyeshadow to your inner tear duct,also apply it to the highest point of your eyebrow using a fluffy eyeshadow brush and slightly blend downward.
Step5- Using a smudge brush apply those same eyeshadows in order below your lashline.Blending them together.
Step6- Apply a black kohl liner on your waterline.
Step7-Line your upper lash line with a black liquid liner.
Step8- Apply your mascara to your upper and lower lashes

Viola!!!!!!!! All Done!! :)