Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Video Inspired Look

Products Used
*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's Vanilla Eyeshadow
*Mac's Carbon Eyeshadow
*Mac's Ricepaper Eyeshadow
*MUFE's Terracotta Eyeshadow
*Any matte beige Eyeshadow/Flesh Tone
*Ebay Lashes #1028
*Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
*Wet N Wild Black Cream Eyeliner
You Try! 
Step1- Using your finger or a synthetic concealer brush apply Mac's "Pure White" chromaline all over the lid and blend.This will serve as a base for your eyeshadows and make them pop!
Step2- Taking a Fluffy blending brush apply MUFE's "Terracotta" eyeshadow in and above your crease,blending upward and out.Repeat until you achieve the desired color pay off.
Step3- Taking a flat eyeshadow brush pack Mac's "Vanilla" eyeshadow just on your lid.Try not to go in or above your crease.
Step4- Using a tapered pencil brush apply Mac's "Carbon" eyeshadow to your outer v and blend slightly inward.Make sure to apply most of the eyeshadow on the outer v to deepen and give definition to the overall look.
Step5- Taking a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply any flesh tone/beige eyeshadow underneath your brow bone and blend downward into the "Terracotta" eyeshadow.
Step6-Taking a clean pencil brush apply Mac's "Ricepaper" to your inner tear duct.Blend slightly inward.
Step7- Taking a smudge brush apply the same eyeshadows in order underneath your lower lashline.
Step8- If there was any eyeshadow color lost during the overall look ,you should go back in and replace any colors that was lost.
Step9- Apply any false eyelashes of your choice. I chose a more dramatic falsie.
Step10- Using a eyeliner brush apply Wet N wild's Black cream eyeliner above your upper lashline to hide the false eyelash band.Also, apply the liner to your waterline.
Step 11- Apply Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
**Optional** Lips- Mac's "Show Orchid" Lipstick
All Done!!!


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  3. This is such a lovely look! Going to try this out sometime, I love it!

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