Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Let me Formerly introduce myself. My Name is Leanna. Im an Freelance Makeup Artist. It is truely my passion and im continuing to grow and learn as i further my success.

Im Here to bring you product reviews, how to looks, show my work and most importantly learn and teach others. I Eventually want to work myself up to making a youtube channel, so hopefully that should be coming soon!

A Little bit about me....... I decided to get into makeup because i had a deep passion for it. I remember being younger and going to my bestfriend's fashion shows watching the makeup artists do her makeup because she was a model. I loved it! i dont know what drew me to it but whatever it was it always has stuck with me. In the beginning of my "new found" passion i was afraid to really get into and pursue it because i felt like it wasnt a "real" career. It took a few years to finally convince myself that if you love it and enjoy it ,than pursue it! you cant put any price on what you love to do!.Eventually, my cousin who is in the acting/entertainment buisness informed me that there is always money to be made in the beauty buisness if your willing to put yourself out there. She encouraged me to go to a makeup class in NYC hosted and taught by the infamous Celebrity Mua Danessa Myricks. That class has changed my whole entire perspective, and since 2009 i have been pursuing my dream and i would'nt change it for the world!!!!

In the meantime, Take a look around my blog ,if you have any questions or concerns regarding my blog or just makeup questions in general PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! dont hesitate to contact me via email at: cupcake72990@gmail.com

P.S Absolutely NONEGATIVITY will be tolerated

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