Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation Palette

(Neutral Palette)
This is the Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation Palette. Just like my previous post on their creme foundation palette, if you are a professional makeup artist looking for a compact powder foundation palette then this could be for you. I love this palette because it blends very well,you can use these alone or on top of creme,or liquid foundation to set it. These are a light-medium coverage. Honestly if you want a full coverage this may not be for you because you really cant build the coverage up past medium coverage. But that in my opinion really doesnt break the palette because the qualities of it are good. In addition to the good qualities i listed above,the powders are smooth in texture and in my opinion one of the cool things about this palette is that it corrects any foundation color that is off on a client.So if you placed a creme or liquid foundation on a client and the color might be a tad off you can use these powders to correct it! I Love that!!! There are 3 palettes total and they are Neutral,Cool,and Warm. I chose to get the Neutral because it has a mixture of both cool and warm tones and with these colors its easier to correct foundation that may be off .If you happen to run out of a specific color they do sell the refill pans for each one.
**Price anywhere from $75.00USD-$85.00USD (depending on where you get if from)
**I purchased mine from for $83.50USD
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