Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simply Neutral

OK! This is something for all my gals who love the neutral /natural looks,this is a perfect daytime look! Keep Scrolling to Get the look!!!

Products Needed:

*MAC's Pure White Chromaline
*MAC's "Vanilla" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Ricepaper" Eyeshadow
*Any "Light Brown" Eyeshadow
*MAC's BlackTrack Fluidline
*MAC's "Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash" Mascara
*MAC's Lustre Lipstick in "Plink"


Step1- Apply Mac's "pure white" chromaline to your whole entire lid using your fingers. Blend evenly.
Step2- Taking a pencil brush apply Mac's "ricepaper" eyeshadow to your inner tear duct. This will brighten and waken up your eyes.
Step3- Still using Mac's "ricepaper" eyeshadow ,take a fluffy blending brush and apply it to your brow bone. Blend downward.
Step4- Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply mac's "vanilla" eyeshadow to your lid and blend upwards into your crease.
Step5- Using a tapered blending brush take any "light brown" eyeshadow and apply it to the "outer v" of your eye. Blend it into your crease,as well as a little above your crease meeting it with the "ricepaper" eyeshadow.
Step6- Apply Mac's "Blacktrack Fluidline" to your upper lashline creating a winged effect as you move towards the outer part of your eye. Do the same to your waterline as well. (if you are having trouble with the winged effect eyeliner heres a video showing your how to do it
Step7- Apply Mac's "Haute&Naughty Too Black Lash" mascara to your upper and lower lash.
Step8- Apply mac's "plink" lipstick to your lips!

ALLL DONE!!!!!! i bet it looks amazing! :)






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