Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MUA's That Feel Discouraged

Recently i posted a post on beautylish about feeling discouraged. First of all, for those who dont know what beautylish is , it is a site that is for anyone who is a makeup artist or anyone who is into beauty. You can post your pictures,and ask questions and review products. Anyways......... as i was saying i posted a post relating to the topic of feeling discouraged about continuing on the journey of a Makeup Artist. I myself was going through some self doubt about continuing my career. It just seemed like alot of people are breaking into the industry and i couldnt help but feel the competition that may soon arise.
  In posting this topic i recieved alot of positive feedback from young ladies who either felt the same way or just encouraging words from them. I want to pass that on to you all who may be feeling like this as well. We are all different,and we all have something different to bring to the table in this industry. Just being an individual is more than enough because thats what makes us who we are ,it draws different kinds of people to us. You should think of why you wanted to start this journey. If you truely have a passion for it and you cant think of your life without doing makeup than that is all you need to make yourself successful! Your passion and your love for makeup/beauty is honestly all you need. Forget about the "competition" Continue making people feel beautiful the best way you know, and most importantly have fun and dont be afraid to learn from eachother.Support eachother. We are all a team!

***For anyone interested in beautylish ,here you go! and stop by and check me out as well!

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