Monday, October 29, 2012

Lets go to the CLUB!!!


Products Needed:
*MAC's Pure White Chromaline
*MAC's "Club" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Trax" Eyeshadow
*MAC's "Breath Of Plum" Blush
*MAC's "Vanilla" Eyeshadow
*Any matte "Milk choco Brown" Eyeshadow
*MAC's Black Track Fluidline
*MAC's "Carbon" Eyeshadow
*NYC's black liquid liner
*NYC's black kohl pencil
*MAC's Haute&Naughty Lash
*False Eyelashes
Step1-Apply MAC's Pure white chromaline to your entire eyelid and blend evenly using your fingers.
Step2- Using a tapered blending brush apply MAC's "Club" eyeshadow in and slightly above your crease.Do Not Blend!
Step3- Using a eyeshadow brush apply any matte "milk chocolate brown" eyeshadow  to your lid,blend it in to the "club" eyeshadow.
Step4- Taking another clean tapered blending brush  apply MAC's "Breath of Plum" Blush above the "Club" eyeshadow and blend downward to diminish any harsh lines.If any "Club" eyeshadow was lost ,please go back in and add more.
Step5- Taking a fluffy blending brush, apply MAC's "Vanilla" eyeshadow to your brow bone and blend into the "Breath of Plum" blush.
Step6- Also apply MAC's "Vanilla" eyeshadow using a pencil brush to your inner tear duct and blend inward towards the brow eyeshadow.
Step7- Using that same pencil brush, apply MAC's "Trax" eyeshadow on top of the "Vanilla" eyeshadow in your inner tear duct.
Step8-Apply MAC's "Carbon" eyeshadow to the "outer v" of your eye using a blending brush.(Just enough to smoke out and add some definition to your eye.)
Step9- Apply "milk choco","Club",and "Carbon" Eyeshadows to your lower lashline in the specific order (Milk choco,club,carbon,from left to right) using a smudge brush.
Step10- Apply "Black Track "fluidline to your upper lashline .
Step11- Apply False eyelashes and one eyelashes dry,apply Nyc's Liquid liner on upper lash line.
Step12-Apply Mascara to your lashes and Black eyeliner pencil to your lower waterline.
***** To get the lippys i used Nyx's long lip pencil in "Current" and Mac's lipsticks in "Snob" and "Pure Zen"
Now Lets go to the Club!! :)

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