Wednesday, October 24, 2012

15Pcs Wild Purple Makeup Brush Set!

**I was going to show a picture of each brush and review them but for some reason the pictures werent aligning the way i wanted them to.**
***Sidenote-These brushes did not come with specific names,i named them based off of experience along with my opinion***
 The Brushes!!!!!!!!
*Powder Brush- This brush is very very soft ,you can definetly use this for powder all over the face. This brush does not shed at all.
*Highlighter Brush- This brush is soft as well and is similar to the powder brush but just smaller in size.Good for highlighting under the eye or even applying blush.
*Angled Contour Brush- Soft, wonderful for contouring and scultping .You can also use this to apply blush.
*Large Angled Flat Blending Brush- Yes i know its a long name, lol. But, its the only way i can describe it.This is very good for blending in your crease and getting rid of harsh lines.
*Small Tapered Blending brush- I must say this brush is wonderful for precision! you can definetly get into precise areas of your eye, like the inner tear duct ,or your crease.
*3 Eyeshadow brushes- This set has three eyeshadow brushes(in my opinion,depends on how you look at it).One is slightly larger than the other two,and the other two are smaller and very simmilar in size.Nonethless, they are good brushes to apply eyeshadow with.
*Lip Brush- Im not a big fan of using lip brushes just because i always use disposable ones on my clients,but for anyone who likes these ,this is a good one. Its not too small and its definetly stiff enough to apply lip color ,giving you better control.
*Angled Eyeliner Brush- This is the typical angled eyeliner brush,i love these because you can apply gel liners with them.Good quality too!
*Thin Angled Eyeliner Brush- This brush i would say is simmilar to your lip brush, but much thinner  and angled.This would be used by those who are more skilled with applying eyeliner.Its not too flimsy and not too stiff.
*Sponge Eyeshadow Applicator- Im sorry but this is one of the pointless brushes in this set!! there is absolutely no need for it. I dont know who uses these.
*Fan Brush- I was soo happy to get one of these! I dont own one so to see that it came with this set,i was thrilled! Its very soft!i must say when i recieved it ,some of the hairs were flying but its not too bad,you can just cut that off with scissors. Good for sweeping off fallout from glitter and eyeshadow.
*Spoolie- Wonderful to have in this set! i always use these to groom and shape the eyebrow! lasts a long time.
*Double Sided Eyebrow Groomer- Also good for grooming the eyebrows! always good to have one.
**Good For Beginners!
**Some of the brushes did shed some but all were of good quality!
**I paid $18.00 USD for mine but every couple of days/weeks Bh Cosmetics has sales!!!!

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