Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marilyn Monroe MAC Lipstick Collection

(From Left to Right: Pure Zen,Love Goddess,Scarlet Ibis,Charmed Im Sure,Deeply Adored)
Price:$16.50ea USD (Pro Discount Avail.)
**Before i get into showing the colors on myself,i want to say these colors may or may not show up the same color on you as it did on me depending on your skin tone.**
(Top: Pure Zen ,Botton: Love Goddess)
Pure Zen- Is a nude lipstick,not too light and not too dark,its in between so it will compliment all skin tones. The texture is very smooth and creamy as it is a Cremesheen.It is definetly the most moisturizing out of the bunch.
Love Goddess- Is a red lipstick with a pink tint.Very wearable in the day or at night.This has a satin finish ,so it has a hint of sheen to it.Eventhough this is a satin finish it also is moisturizing, and quite smooth .You may need to re-apply after a couple of hours ,but its still worth getting.I must say out of the collection this is my FAVORITE! one.
(Top: Scarlet Ibis,Middle:Charmed Im Sure, Bottom:Deeply Adored)
Scarlet Ibis- This was my least favorite of the collection.It is matte red with a orange undertone. The pigment is great on this but it is slightly drying on the lip and maybe thats because it is a matte finish.I would recomend adding a moisturizer to your lip before applying.
Charmed Im Sure- This color has a matte finish but eventhough it is a matte, it is moisturizing,not as moisturizing as a cremesheen but nonetheless its moisturizing enough.Its a deep red. Suitable on all skin tones,Especially on women of color.This is a perfect red for you all. Not too bright and not too dark.
Deeply Adored- My Second favorite one of the collection. This color is ABSOLUTELY! gorgeous.It kind of looks the same as the one above it but you can still tell the difference, this one is darker.It is a matte finish ,but like the one above it,it still is moisturizing enough. This definetly looks great on all skin tones. A wonderful fall color to say the least.
**If interested in these,unfortunately they are sold out on the MAC website,but you can check on ebay or amazon. Two of them i heard were apart of MAC's permanent line but im not sure which ones. I think Pure Zen was one of them and the other im not sure.**


  1. I wanted to get one of these so bad! They all look great on you! I think Love Goddess is my favorite on you!

  2. girl thank you! love goddess is my absolute favorite not a big fan of very red lips so when this one came out in the collection i was thrilled because it was a pinky toned red and i love it!