Monday, November 5, 2012

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

As you can see i used quite a bit of this product . Ive been using this product for a few years now and i ABSOLUTELY love it! Some people are just now finding out about it (namely Youtube Gurus)But there still are alot of people who really dont know about this product. Now firstly before i get into the juicy details, i want to say Ben Nye has a whole line of finishing powders but this one is the most popular one!
My Review?........ I can not RAVE! enough about this product. There is a good amount of uses that this has.
*I use this to put underneath my eyes to catch fallout from eyeshadows.
*I also use this to give me a subtle highlight underneath my eyes. It just brightens your eyes alot,really gives you that "Im Alive!" look.
*The texture is very silky and smooth.
*Lasts a pretty long time 
*It has a yellow color but i found that everyone can use it!depending on how much you put on. Like i said before, Ben Nye has a whole line of finishing powders with different skin tone colors to choose from. 
*The "Banana Powder" has a Matte finish ,good for eliminating shine in those oily areas.
*Comes in three different sizes 1.5oz,3oz,8oz
*Prices range from $5.99USD and up(Depending on the siz)
*Different places sell it, Theatrical shops,amazon,ebay,Makeupmania,Camera Ready Cosmetics.etc      
If interested check out this site!This is where i purchased mine

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