Friday, November 2, 2012

Determination is Key!

You can not succeed in any dream you have unless you have DETERMINATION! It truely is a key ingredient, without it things will fall apart. Dont be afraid to be determined. Sometimes i have my days where i dont want to press my blog on other people because i feel like im repeating myself over and over and im not getting the response i want from people, Or even continuing doing makeup but i think to myself if doing it is my passion then my passion wont let me stop being determined. They go hand and hand with eachother. You may not get the response you want when you want it, you may experience some set backs as you continue your journey to success but stay DETERMINED! Trust me it will all pay off in the end and youll look back and feel a sense of fulfillment because you came a long way and worked hard to get to where you are. Your appreciation will be greater. Even now , although you may not be where you want just yet, take a step back and look at your journey. Its an improvement right! And it will continue. Dont lose your determination . Keep pursuing your dream , its worth it!

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