Friday, November 9, 2012

Maybeline Fit Me Foundation

Ok !! so alot of the time i always get questions about what kind of foundation i use.They'll always say "Wow! your foundation is flawless,what is it that you use? is it MAC?" Its soo comical to me because i always respond "No you'll be surprised,its not MAC,actually its a drug store brand by maybeline." So ill tell them the name of the foundation and automatically they'll want to go and grab it.............Let me just say I LOVE IT!!! and here's the reason why....It doesnt feel like you have on makeup.With some foundations you can feel the heaviness of it.But Maybeline's Fit Me foundation is light.It does'nt have that "cakey" feeling to it which is a downfall in most foundations. This foundation is a light to medium coverage ,but! it can be buildable if decided.Its not too "liquid-idy",its kind of a thicker liquid but when you apply it ,its so smooth and light.VERY BLENDABLE! In my opinion its true to skin tone so you wont  have a problem matching.It takes well when applying a light powder over top to also help with the coverage.Like i said it does not look "cakey".
So if you want something light that looks really well ,try this! When applying i would suggest using a stipling brush for a airbrush like finish or what i use ,which is Sigma's HD Flat Kabuki brush which gives off the perfect,flawless finish!
IF you tried this tell me how you like! comment below! :)


  1. My personal favorite foundation would have to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (HANDS DOWN!). I've been wearing it for over a year and refuse to try anything else. lol.

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  2. I used this one as well and I agree its really great. Super smooth and has good coverage.

  3. I used this foundation last summer and I definitely loved the overage, but it unfortunately broke me out =( I was super upset because, I agree, it felt weightless with a great finish!

    I just did a post on my favorite drugstore foundation on my blog, too!