Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dont let the Setbacks Set you Back!!!

Sometimes in life we all get those curveballs/setbacks that take us by surprise.When it happens we want to sit and frown and think why me? i dont understand? can things ever go right? We all do it! But you have to turn that negative into a positive! Dont let those setbacks set you back!!! If we sit around too long constantly analyzing the negative impact it has on our lives, then we miss out on the positive impact it could have. Think of it as a growing experience. Say to yourself "If things constantly went my way ,how would i ever learn to appreciate when the good things happen." Meaning if things never went wrong how could we really appreciate when they were going good. It teaches you not to always take things for granted. Learn from these setbacks. They make you stronger and wiser.It could lead you to a better place,take you to a positive outcome far beyond your imagination.Everything happens for a reason,im a firm believer.Sure when bad things happen we are going to be down a little bit,but pick yourself right back up! dont let it consume your entire being!DONT LET THE SET BACKS SET YOU BACK!!!

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