Monday, February 11, 2013

Spend Your life doing what makes you happy!

I recently watched a video on facebook.It wasnt your typical video. It was more of an eye opener. a lesson . Something that really makes you think. There were a couple of things that spoke to me. Being a young Makeup Artist,and this being my only job right now.I was reassured that although i may not have consistent money flowing through,i am doing what i love! The video talks about how people spend their lifetime chasing after money and in turn they are only miserable. Society teaches us that getting money and spending our life getting money is what we should do. So we grow up thinking that,we teach our kids that,they teach their kids that and so on and so on for many generations. We believe the things we love doing,wether it be being a makeup artist,a sky diver,painter,musician etc wont get us money so we step away from it just ,we push it away because society says those things dont bring in the money.I believed for the longest that being a Makeup Artist was a failing career.It wouldnt bring me money so why indulge in it eventhough i loved it. My cousin helped me believe and encouraged me to go forth in it and so i did.And since then i have.For a few years i did makeup on the side but still had a "real" job. I began feeling really unhappy ,there were days i felt like my "real" job took up so much time that i didnt have time to do what i loved.I had to turn down Makeup  Gigs because i had to work. It made me mad,miserable,unhappy,and sad.I didnt know what to do. I was taught not to quit so i knew that was not in question when it came to my "real" job. So I prayed ,thats all i could do. Due to unfair treatment i lost my job. And i must say,it was the best thing that has happened in my life!!!! In the beginning it was hard because i didnt know how i was going to get through money wise. I soon forgot about the money and just continued doing what i loved and that was Makeup! and since then i have been sooooo Happy! I started making money! Im still growing and have a long way to go but Im truely Happy. So when i seen this video i was reassured. "Better to have a short life filled with doing the things you love doing than a long life  doing what makes you miserable". That was the simplest,important ,life changing quote i have ever heard. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think in the comments below.

      This video will CHANGE your life !


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