Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazon Lashes Review!

I have always seen these Lashes on ebay and on amazon .There were mixed reviews on it ,but i decided to check it out for myself. These are synthetic lashes but they honestly feel like human hair. I was kind of skeptical about them looking soo fake but i was surprised when i recieved them in the mail and took them out the package .They were very natural looking,in the sense of saying they werent dead on shiny plastic.They have soo many different styles to choose from,i personally went with the dramatic ones.They are easy to work with if you are a beginner because the lash band is thick enough ,so that it is stiff and wont move all around.And now for the shocker! they were only $1.67 for a 10pack!!!!!!!!!! Yessss You cant beat that!! its definetly worth a try! You can see me wearing these lashes in my Lilly post!
*1.67 for 10pairs(less or more depending on which seller you buy from)
*Different styles to choose from
*Easy to work with
*Synthetic hair but has a human hair feel
*Not plastic Looking
*Definetly can use each pair at least 4 times.
*Since they are coming from Hong Kong ,they take some time to get to your destination
*Some people may not like the thick lash band
*They can tear easily if not careful.


  1. I recently reviewed these lashes as well, I love them :) The dramatic ones are my favourites too x

    1. yess girl!!! and they last a long time too!!

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