Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Products Used:
*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's "Club" Eyeshadow
*Mac's "Fig" Eyeshadow
Mac's "Carbon" Eyeshadow
Mac's "RicePaper" Eyeshadow
Deep Purple Eyeshadow from Sedona Lace palette
Mac's "BlackTrack" Fluidline
Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
*False Lashes (Ebay Lashes)
**Lippies-Purple Liner and any Deep Purple Lipstick
Your Turn!!
Step1-Apply Mac's "Pure White" Chromaline all over your eye and blend evenly.
Step2- In your crease ,apply Mac's "Fig" Eyeshadow using a fluffy blending brush. Blend inward and outward.
Step3- Overlapping the "Fig" Eyeshadow ,apply a deep purple Eyeshadow using a tapered blending brush,slowly build up the the desired color.
Step4-Slightly dampen a flat eyeshadow brush and apply Mac's"Club" Eyeshadow directly on your lid.Try not to go past your crease.Build up the desired color.
Step5-Taking a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush apply Mac's "Ricepaper" eyeshadow underneath your brow bone and blend slightly into the purple eyeshadow.This will blend out any harsh lines.
Step6-Taking that same eyeshadow,Use a Tapered pencil brush and apply it to your inner tear duct.
Step7-Using another clean pencil brush,apply Mac's "Carbon" Eyeshadow in your outer v to deepen and add depth to your look.
Step8-Taking all the eyeshadows your used ,apply them all in order below your lower lashline.
Step9-Apply Your False Lashes
Step10-Using a eyeliner brush apply Mac's "BlackTrack" Fluidline to your upper lashline and lower waterline.
Step11-Apply Mac's "Haute&Naughty" Lash Mascara.
Step12-(optional)  For the lips i used a dark purple liner and a dark purple lipstick i picked up at a hair store. Use whatever you have on hand. You can also go with a nude lip.



  1. very nicely done,
    especially the dark shade in outer corner!
    kisses =)

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