Saturday, February 9, 2013


Products Used
*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow
*Mac's Contrast Eyeshadow
*Mac's Naked Lunch Eyeshadow.
*Mac's Parfait Armour
*Nyc's Liquid Liner
*Wet n Wild Black Cream Liner
*Kohl Black Eyeliner Pencil
*Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
*False Lashes from amazon that i did a review on( Amazon Lashes )
Your Turn!

Step1- To start off this look apply Mac's "White Chromaline" all over your eye and blend.This will serve as a base for your eyeshadows to sit on and help the color to pop! and last longer.
Step2-  A little above your crease apply Mac's "Parfait Armout" and blend outward using a fluffy blending brush.Repeat until you achieve the desired color payoff.
Step3- Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply Mac's "Naked Lunch" to your brow bone and blend downward into the "Parfait Armour".
Step4- Taking a Flat eyeshadow brush pack on Mac's "Chrome Yellow" on your lid. Try not to go above your crease.Repeat until you get the desired color payoff.
Step5- Using a tapered blending brush ,apply Mac's "Contrast" in the outer v of your eye .Concentrating most of the color in that area and blend whats left inward into the "Parfait Armour".
Step6- Apply "Naked Lunch" in the inner tear duct using a pencil brush.
Step7-Repeat those eyeshadow colors you used underneath your lower lashline.
Step8- Line your upper and lower lashline with the Wet n wild cream liner,and wing it out a bit.
Step9- Go over your upper lashline with  Nyc's Liquid liner.
Step10- Line your lower waterline with any black kohl liner
Step11- Apply your false lashes and mascara!



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