Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Products Used
*Mac's Pure White Chromaline
*Mac's Carbon Eyeshadow
*Mac's Deep Truth Eyeshadow
*Mac's Seedy Pearl Eyeshadow
*MUFE Fuschia Eyeshadow
*Wet N Wild Cream Liner
*Amazon Lashes
*Mac's Haute&Naughty Lash Mascara
**Lips-Brown Liner and Mac's Fresh Brew Lipstick
Step1-Apply Mac's "Pure White Chromaline" all over the eye.Blend Evenly. This will serve as a base for the eyeshadow to sit on and last longer all throughout the day.
Step2-In Your crease ,apply Mac's "Deep Truth" with a fluffy blending brush. Blend inward,upward and outward.
Step3-Using a flat eyeshadow brush pack on MUFE's "Fuschia" eyshadow.Keep applying until you get the desired look.
Step4- Using a tapered more dense blending brush ,apply Mac's "Carbon" eyeshadow to the outer v of your eye,sweeping what left into the crease.Apply until you get the desired look ,focusing more of the color on the outer v.
Step5-Taking a clean fluffy blending brush apply MUFE's "Fuschia" eyshadow above Mac's "Deep truth"eyeshadow. This will help blend out any harsh lines and soften the overall look.
Step6-Using a pencil brush apply Mac's "Seedy Pearl" eyeshadow to your inner tear duct ,as well as underneath the brow bone with a clean fluffy eyeshadow brush.
Step7-Apply the same eyeshadows you used in order underneath your lower lashline ,going from the outer part of the eye with the most darkest color to the most lightest color.
Step8-Using a eyeliner brush apply Wet n Wild Black cream liner to your upper lashline ,lower lash line and water line.
Step9-Slightly smudge out the cream liner on the lower lashline. This will smoke out the look a bit and in my opinion makes the overall look of the eyeshadows more "Fuller"
Step10-Apply your false lashes! i went with the more dramatic ones but whichever you prefer will still look perfect!
Step11-(optional) Moisturize your lips with any lip balm.Line your lips with Brown liner and apply Mac's "Fresh Brew" Lipstick.
How did your look come out? Comment below!


  1. Omg! You are so good! You blend it well!

    I'm your newest follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you follow me back. :)

    1. Thank you girl!!! Im glad you love it! Im going to follow you back! Share me with others too :)

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